Neighbourly support during lockdown

The coronavirus lockdowns changed life for everyone and the neighbourly support we were able to give our clients changed too. Louise shares her experiences in March 2021.

I was driving myself everywhere until I had a fall and broke my arm. The Avenue Club told me about Kew Neighbourhood Association. All the volunteers are fantastic all really helpful and really nice when they pick me up and take me [out], I am missing you! 


Volunteers Shirley and Nicky have been phoning me regularly. We’re not too long on the phone, but they will find out how I am and if I need any shopping and then we just start talking about anything, nothing and everything!  


During the lockdown I get out of bed later and once I’m up the days do seem to go, I’ll do some dusting or hoovering as my cleaner can’t come and if it’s nice enough I have a walk around the garden – I need exercise! I feel [lockdown] aged me a lot, my voice gets hoarse from not exercising it enough and from staying in the same position. I make myself go up and down the stairs.  


I was going out regularly to shop and get a Starbucks coffee, see others and chat, but what I am most looking forward to again is getting my hair done at the Avenue Club. I am finding it very difficult to wash my own hair, it makes me giddy. The hairdresser from the club is ringing me regularly too and when I go there they wait on me hand and foot, fetching me a soup at lunchtime!  


I am very lucky because of the community spirit around here.  


Louise, KNA Client, March 2021