Extreme Heat Advice  

Information last updated 18/07/2022


Please read the information contained in the following links as to how to best 'Beat the Heat' and stay safe.

·       Beat the Heat: staying safe in hot weather

·       Beat the Heat: keep cool at home checklist

·       https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/seasonal-health/heatwave-how-to-cope-in-hot-weather/



KNA's Coronavirus Response

Information last updated 04/04/2022

Gov.uk - England has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England.

Please see information below for existing and new clients AND current and potential volunteers. 


KNA advises all KNA volunteers and clients to:-

  • Risk - Assess your own level of risk. KNA does not expect any volunteer or client to put themselves at risk. If you would like to share any concerns about how KNA’s services are being carried out, please do phone 020 8948 8054.

KNA suggests the following are precautions worth continuing to consider :-

  • Lateral Flow Test - KNA has a supply of free lateral flow tests for active KNA Volunteers and clients (phone 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk)
  • Ventilation – Keep windows open to increase ventilation
  • Masks - Wear a mask in a car as it is an enclosed space allowing limited social distancing. If you require a supply of masks to carry out KNA business please phone 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk
  • Feeling unwell? – Do not volunteer or attend classes or appointments if you are feeling unwell. If you require a supply of free Lateral Flow Tests as an active KNA Volunteer or client contact KNA for a supply by phoning 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk. Be aware of the main symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Respect – lastly but not least, please do respect others. Everyone’s interpretation of their level of risk is different. Covid is still present.


Covid is still present in our community.  Everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious.


Existing and new clients:- 

Registering with KNA

There is no charge for clients to register with KNA.  All requests for help are free of charge and carried out by KNA's reference and DBS checked volunteers.  To register please phone KNA on 020 8948 8054.

To check if you live within KNA's catchment area, please visit Can we help you?

Feeling unwell? – Do not accept lifts or companionship visits, attend classes or appointments if you are feeling unwell. KNA has a supply of free Lateral flow tests for active volunteers and clients. They can be picked up or delivered to someones home by phoning 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk. Be aware of the most up to date main symptoms of coronavirus.


KNA Transport

KNA Volunteer Drivers are available to take KNA's clients to medical appointments, The Avenue Club and other destinations, considered on a case by case basis.  All drivers have been asked to read and acknowledge KNA's Infection Control Policy and are offered free lateral flow tests and masks.

Please phone as soon as you have an appointment.  The appointment will be added to KNA's Database and filled by KNA's Office Volunteers.

KNA Volunteers can drive multiple clients in the same time in their vehicle.  It is up to individual drivers and clients to assess their own risk.  KNA is happy to accomodate only driving one person/bubble per car if requested by either a volunteer or client without any questions or judgement.


The Avenue Club

The Avenue Club is open.  KNA Driving Volunteers are available to drive people with mobility difficulties to The Avenue Club.


KNA Shopping and Prescription Pick Ups

KNA Volunteers are available to help with shopping and prescription pick up for people with mobility difficulties.  Our volunteers are also available to accompany our clients to supermarkets to help people regain their confidence to do their own shopping and are happy to continue to accompany clients on an on-going basis.

-       existing clients phone your requirements to 020 8948 8054

-       new clients please phone 020 8948 8054 to register on our database.  There are no joining fees or charges for any services.


KNA Companionship

KNA’s companionship programme has returned to meeting face to face, unless a client or volunteer prefers to continue telephone companionship.

If you would like a KNA Volunteer to get in touch with you on a regular basis, please contact KNA.

-       existing clients phone our Companionship Co-ordinator, Linda, on 07534 095 885

-       new clients can also phone our Companionship Co-ordinator, Linda, 07534 095 885 to register.  There are no joining fees or charges for any services.

For additional phone conversation do consider phoning Silver Line - open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.  They operate the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK . If you don't get through first time, please do try again.  


KNA Light Gardening

KNA's volunteers are available to help with light gardening.  

-       existing clients phone your requirements to 020 8948 8054

-       new clients please phone 020 8948 8054 to register on our database.  There are no joining fees or charges for any services.


Current and potential KNA volunteers

Current Volunteers

KNA values our volunteers who currently drive our clients to medical appointments, The Avenue Club and other destinations as required; shop; pick up prescriptions; provide companionship; garden and work as Office Volunteers.  Jobs are allocated to our volunteers by our team of Office Volunteers both by phone and using WhatsApp.  All our volunteers have references, DBS checks, as well as read and acknowledge our Safeguarding and Infection Control Policy Guidelines.

Feeling unwell? – Do not volunteer if you are feeling unwell. KNA has a supply of free Lateral Flow Tests, available to active KNA Volunteers.  Please phone 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk.  Please continue to be aware of the main symptoms of coronavirus.


Potential new Volunteers

We are the neighbourhood care group in Kew and North Sheen. We currently have 200+ mostly older clients. Click here for further information about volunteering opportunities with KNA.

We are particularly keen to welcome new Driving Volunteers and Office Volunteers.  Volunteering for KNA as a driver is extremely flexible.  Just one drive a week will make a huge difference to help our clients travel to a medical appointments.  Office Volunteer commitment is just two hours 10am - Midday once per fortnight, matching volunteers with clients requiring good communication and IT skills.

Please register your interest in volunteering for KNA by emailing mail@kna.org.uk.

As we are giving people access to information about vulnerable people we pay for DBS checks and request references for our volunteers. 

We will require you to supply the contact details for two character referees from non family members who have known you for a minimum of two years.  Information to be supplied to include name, address, phone number, email and in what capacity they know you.

We will also need to carry out a DBS check. Please let us know if you already have a DBS check for working with vulnerable adults and are already registered with the DBS Update Service - provide us with your DBS Certificate Number, your date of birth and permission to check your certificate online. If you do not already have a DBS Certificate we will email you a simple form to start the process.  Most checks are currently only taking a few days to be processed after ID checks have been carried out.

We look forward to welcoming you to KNA's community of volunteers.


KNA Covid-19 Vaccination and Asymptomatic Statement for Volunteers and Clients

KNA aims to follow all government guidance and to keep abreast of amendments and updates.

KNA does not currently ask either volunteers or clients if they have had a Covid-19 Vaccination.  We do advise:-

  1. KNA’s volunteers to obtain free Lateral Flow Tests from KNA.  Phone 020 8948 8054 or email mail@kna.org.uk. KNA continues to recommend volunteers take a Lateral Flow Test before driving or visiting KNA clients.
  2. both our volunteers and clients to assess their own situation and risk to decide if they wish to either volunteer or be helped by a volunteer.

Why does KNA not ask if volunteers or clients have had a Covid-19 vaccination?

  1. KNA supports the Covid-19 vaccination roll out and encourages everyone to have a vaccination. KNA also respects that someone may choose not to, or is unable to have the Covid-19 vaccination for health or other reasons
  2. with variants and mutations, there is no certainty of how long a vaccine is effective for
  3. no vaccine is 100% effective


Please follow gov.uk/coronavirus guidance.