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Kew Neighbours: Street Index

Alexandra Road D1
Atwood Ave D2
The Avenue D1
Beechwood Ave C2
Bicester Rd E2
Braddon Road E1
Branstone Rd C1
Brick Farm Close C3
Broomfield Rd C1
Burdett Rd E1
Burlington Ave C2
Bush Rd A1
Bushwood Rd A2
Cambridge Cottages A2
Cambridge Rd B2
Castlegate E1
Chaucer Ave D2
Chelwood Gdns D2
Chelwood Gdns Pass D2
Chilton Rd E2
Clarence Rd C1
Clifford Ave (2-20 even only) E3
The Close E3
Courtlands Ave D3
Cumberland Rd B2
Dancer Rd E2
Darell Rd E2
Defoe Ave B2
Dudley Rd D1
Elizabeth Cottages C1
Ennerdale Road D1
Eversfield Rd D1
Ferry Lane A1
Fitzwilliam Ave D1
Forest Rd B2

Gainsborough Rd D7
Garden Close (off Lichfield) C1
Garden Rd E2
Garrick Rd D2
Gloucester Ct B2
Gloucester Rd B2
Gordon Rd D1
Grovewood (off Sandycombe) C2
Hanover Close (off Cambridge) B2
Hatherley Rd C1
The Haven E2
Haverfield Gdns B2
High Park Ave C2
High Park Rd C2
Holmesdale Rd C1
James’ Cottages (off Leyborne) C2
Kent Rd B2
Kew Gardens Rd E1
Kew Green A1
Kew Meadows Path C3
Kew Road (to 150 only) C1
Kreisel Walk A1
Lambert Ave E2
Lawn Crescent D1
Leyborne Park C2
Lichfield Rd C1
Lion Gate Gdns E1
Lonsdale Mews C1
Lower Mortlake Rd E3
Lwr Richmond Rd (197-291 odd only) E2
Manor Grove E1
Manor Rd E1
Market Rd E2
Marksbury Ave E2
Maze Rd B2

Niton Rd E2N
North Ave E2
Nylands Ave D2

Old Dock Close A2
Orchard Rd E2
Pagoda Ave E1
Paxton Close D1
Pensford Ave D2
Princess Rd C1
Priory Rd A2
Raleigh Rd E1
Royston Ct C1
Ruskin Ave B2
St Paul’s Rd E1
Sandycombe Rd E1
Somerton Ave E3
South Ave D2
Stanmore Gdns E1
Stanmore Rd E1
Station Approach C2
Station Ave C2
Station Parade C2
Taylor Ave D3
Temple Rd D1
Thetis Terrace A2
Thompson Ave E2
Topiary Sq E1
Townmead Rd D6
Victoria Cottages C1
Walpole Ave D1
West Hall Rd C3
West Park Ave C2
Windham Rd E1
Windsor Rd D1


If you live outside our area

there are other similar organisations in Richmond upon Thames
that may be able to help you


FISH logo

FiSH Neighbourhood Care

FiSH Neighbourhood Care aims to inspire a caring community where older people live fulfilling, independent lives, knowing that help from neighbours is at hand.
Contact: Barnes Green Centre, Church Road, Barnes, London SW13 9HE.
Tel: 020 8876 3335 Web www.fishhelp.org.uk 

Ham & Petersham SOS Scheme

A neighbourhood care group for elderly and disabled residents of Ham and Petersham. We provide transport, weekly activities, monthly outings and practical help.
Contact: Ham and Petersham.
Tel: 020 8948 1090 Web: www.hamandpetershamsos.co.uk


Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group

Inaugurated by local people in 1974 to be a good neighbour to local people suffering social isolation through infirmity, mobility problems or any other reason.
Contact: Hampton, Hampton Hill and Hampton Nurserylands
Tel: 020 8979 9662 Web: www.greenwoodcentre.co.uk


HANDS Twickenham

HANDS is the neighbourhood care group covering Twickenham and St. Margaret’s. We provide voluntary, practical support in non-specialist fields to those in need, especially the older, frail, isolated and housebound.
Contact: Twickenham and St Margaret’s.
Tel: 020 8891 3346 Web: www.handscaregroup.org.uk

Image result for richmond good neighbor logo

Richmond Good Neighbours

Provide services to the elderly, the disabled, the housebound and others living in the old civil parish of Richmond
Contact: Richmond.
Tel: 020 3538 4060 Web: www.richmondgoodneighbours.org.uk

 Organisation logo

Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group

We are a group of friendly volunteers who assist the elderly, the disabled and others in Teddington and Hampton Wick.
Contact: Teddington and Hampton Wick.
Tel: 020 8943 3112 Web: www.tedcare.org.uk


Whitton Network

We can help with those tasks that a good neighbour would do for someone who has difficulty getting out and about.
Contact: Whitton and Heathfield.
Tel: 020 8755 1336 Web: www.whittonnetwork.org