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Kew Neighbours can help local residents in a number of ways

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Volunteer drivers can take you to GP surgeries, hospitals, dentists, rehabilitation clinics and podiatrists, as well as educational and social activities such as The Avenue Club.


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Our companions can visit you for a chat, a game of cards or chess, go out for a coffee, or a walk with you or accompany you on an outing.


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We can take you to the shops and give you a hand, or if you can’t get out, we can do your supermarket shopping for you or even set you up with online shopping.

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Light Gardening

We can undertake light gardening jobs like weeding or lawnmowing  that you are no longer able to manage.

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Check if you live within our area


If you don’t, we’ve included a list of other similar organisations within the

London Borough of Richmond which may be able to help you.


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"It's a really good service and it's all run by local people for local people...”

Madeleine: KNA volunteer driver