Moments of Joy

Broomfield House Pupils delight a KNA Client with a Harvest Festival Hamper

Spreading smiles across our community throughout the year is a highly valued part of our service here at Kew Neighbourhood Association. 

Celebrating Birthdays 

Our clients each recieve a handwritten birthday card wishing them a Happy Birthday from all at KNA - hand delivered by our very own KNA Postman Volunteer. We believe age should be celebrated throughout life and it's so important for us to mark these special occasions. Many of our older residents say how much they appreciate our cards, particularly as the number of friends and family who used to send cards dwindles in number as they age.  Over the past few years our cards have been the beautiful prints of Diana Armfield RA works reproduced with generous permission of the artist. Read our interview with Diana Armfield.  We also mark special 'noughties' birthdays with a plant or homemade baking, you can see our gallery of birthdays here.  Homemade baking is currently being carried out by a Kew resident who is a pupil at Christ's School which is counting towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

"Thank you and all at KNA for my lovely birthday card, it is so pretty and it was so kind of you to remember!"

Christmas Greetings

Each year we also send Christmas cards to our clients to deliver our seasons greetings and remind them of the support Kew Neighbourhood Association can offer over the festive season and winter months, at a time we know can be challenging for many older people.  In our cards we also ask if anyone would like a KNA Volunteer visitor between Christmas and New Year.  This initiative was started after hearing one year that a KNA client hadn't spoken to anyone over the previous Christmas period.  We are told that our volunteers' visits make such a difference to their Christmas.

In lieu of visitors, in 2020, and to end such a difficult year on a brighter note, we were able to secure funds for festive teaboxes which were carefully prepared by the Maids of Honour and delivered by volunteers to KNA and Avenue Club members alongside gifts from families at The Queen's School, as well as handfinished Nutcracker solider decorations made by people across our local community.   

Harvest Parcels 

For more than a decade Kew Neighbourhood Association and families at Broomfield House School have joined together to bring a parcel of treats to members of the community in Kew each autumn.  KNA alumni volunteer and retired member of staff at the school Nada Morgan told us her memories of the scheme.  

"I really enjoyed chatting to the two young people - it was very nice - and I so appreciated the things in the parcel"

Summer Special 

Our annual client party in 2019 was held at Kew College with our guests enjoying entertainment and a delicious afternoon tea served by pupils. Because of the pandemic the event could not be repeated in 2020, however the school generously funded afternoon tea boxes arriving by Covid-safe delivery to the doorstep of our clients by parent and KNA volunteers.  Whilst nothing beats the social benefits of getting together, the afternoon teas brough so much happiness to so many who had been asked to shield for so many months.  We were delighted to be able to offer a summer 2021 teabox delivery thanks to an anonymous donation. We are looking forward to gathering together again when circumstances allow.   

"Thank you for arranging such a lovely outing for us oldies on Friday. The food was delicious and beautifully served and the entertainment was terrific. What talent!" [2019]
"T and I were so pleased to receive… our tea. Many thanks to KNA, Maids of Honour and the pupil who wrote such a delightful letter. It certainly made an impact on our moods." [2020]


Working in Partnership

We appreciate the generosity of our Kew community in supporting our work and the volunteers who facilitate donations like Rea Granleese.  KNA truely values forming partnerships with local funders, schools, businesses, charities and community groups to bring Moments of Joy to our clients - enabling people in Kew to feel part of Kew's community and remain independent for as long as possible.  We are always happy to hear how we might work with local partners so please do get in touch at