KNA Driverless Cars - updated statement

APRIL FOOLS! Did we get you?

Kew will not benefit from driverless technology just yet. 

Our earlier story about a driverless technology trial for local charity Kew Neighbourhood Association (KNA) was a seasonal jest.

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed our fictional technology partner All Go for AI GPS is an anagram of April Fools Gag, and may have had their suspicions further raised when we quoted their founder Olnee Joshin (Only Joshing).

Our joke set out to draw attention to the value of volunteer drivers in our community. Currently we give an average of 112 lifts each month to people in Kew who would otherwise struggle to get to nearby medical appointments and social clubs that support their wellbeing. There are around 46 active volunteer drivers, with the charity is looking to recruit more. And its role is mirrored in other communities locally and across the country.

"One of the things our clients value about the KNA service is the interaction they have with our volunteer drivers. It would be a sad day to see them all replaced by robots!” said Abi Palmer, KNA Director.

If you or someone you know could benefit from some neighbourly help in Kew or to find out more about volunteering for KNA as a driver, companion, shopper or gardener, please contact KNA or leave a voicemail on 020 8948 8054.


Did you miss the fun on the morning of April 1st? Here's the story we shared. 


Kew Neighbourhood Association has been selected to be the first to trial the latest driverless technology on UK roads.

We have previously assisted residents by organising volunteers in their own vehicles to provide lifts but will instead command a fleet of fully driverless electric cars from Saturday April 1st.

driverless car in a residential area with a K N A logo and the numberplate K N A 0 1 0 4

Our clients will continue to be able to request to attend medical appointments and social clubs thanks to the scheme which is being funded by our technology partner All Go for AI GPS.

The three driverless cars are cutting edge technology, the exact nature of which is being kept tightly under wraps. Local people are can be assured that the vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features for travellers, other drivers and pedestrians. Without a friendly KNA driver at the wheel, we encourage passers-by to wave at the cars so that clients don’t miss out on the community spirit they have come to love from KNA.

Charity Director Abi Palmer said: “We are truly delighted that our small charity is trialing this innovative technology that could make a big impact. Simply matching jobs to a robot car rather than a person will mean that clients will always get where they need to go, helping maintain their independence and wellbeing and secure the future of the charity.”

Olnee Joshin Founder of All Go for AI GPS said: “When I started the company I always wanted to use our inventions for the benefit of the community. We applaud KNA’s open minded attitude to adopting new technology, they are a fantastic local charity and we hope that all KNA’s driving volunteers will enjoy their switch to companionship and gardening or shopping, the other services offered to their community.”