This is a test for a div containing an image, with another div with the curve on the top of it.

It's all in the Raw HTML include (and the CSS too - but you can obviously put this into a custom css file and then use it in lots of places!)

Both divs have height proportional to the width, to prevent the curve getting distorted. There's a min-height on the image to stop it gettign too tiny on mobiles.


Test Philippa

You can put text in here if you want

Here's a basic fixed aspect one. You can't have a min-height on this though, because if you alter the aspect ratio you'll lose the curve.

Juicy Pears

You can put text in here if you want

You don't need to worry about the aspect ratio changing when you wrap onto a small screen. I'll demonstrate this by adding more content in here...

  • This is interesting
  • La la la
  • Bananas are nice