Moments of Life - A Poem by Zoe Neirizi

Zoe is a longtime KNA client. She has kindly shared this poem with us, inspired by her experiences living with cancer.


When sharing her work with us, Zoe said:

'You may remember a while ago I mentioned about a poem I've written. It's a reaction on the hardship of my experience following my illness. It's a tough challenge. Sadly some other people are facing with it in the community, and it makes it harder when we live on our own. As I've said before, I feel so lucky to have had such a good support. For a vulnerable cancer patient like me that is trapped at home, it means a lot to get volunteers' help to get to the hospital hospital and other pivotal services such as taking me to the Avenue Club exercise classes, Dose of Nature, and help with my weekly shopping. I don't know what I could have done without that. Please let all the volunteers know that they provide a life line. KNA has been a great help to me and I can't say enough how much I appreciate your help.' 


Thank you all so much. 
Zoe Neirizi 




   Moments of Life



I am stepping onto a road

A bumpy road
My heart is beating
I go slowly as I trace the zigzag lane.

On the 18th of January 2023, a tsunami hit me hard.

I see the image of the devil, dragging my skeleton…, my corpse,

a scythe hanging around my neck. 

I want to turn back, but I hear: 
"There's no way to look back. Go forward! Go forward!"


I so much want to cuddle my baby
With all my strength to
hold onto my young baby,
To have her by my side
To watch her as she grows
o show her my love and to tell her I am deeply sorry.
To be given the chance to put the past behind me and start again.

I so much want to breathe freely
To go to the sauna in
Winter at my sister's house
To step out onto the
pure white snow barefoot, with no fears.

I want to sleep in an ice house

To smell the damp at deep midnight

To colour my hair bright green

To say goodbye to all my trepidation.
What is left for fears to terrify?


I smell the delicious fragrance of roses, jasmine, evergreen sambac,

coming from my childhood
I hear a group of sparrows chattering noisily.

I stand still and breathe.

The essence of my life is running within my veins.
I still have drops of sweet golden honey in me.
I will set up a hive, a habitation,
to nourish my hopes.

I will live!


Zoe Neirizi